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Tigers are a keystone species,
integral to the health of their jungle home.

Sumatran tigers are on the brink of extinction due to habitat  destruction, human-tiger conflict, and poaching. They are  classified as Critically Endangered with less than 400  individuals estimated still surviving in the wild. They once  roamed throughout the Sunda Islands in Western Indonesia,  however now only a few remain on the island of Sumatra. They  are the only tiger found in Indonesia after the Balinese and  Javanese tigers were pushed to extinction in the 1900s. Sumatran tigers live in rainforest habitat and rely on large tracts of forest for survival.

International Tiger Project

The International Tiger Project (ITP) is a not-for-profit project for tiger conservation, rainforest protection and local community partnerships, in order to protect and save the entire ecosystem and biodiversity of habitats shared by tigers. Run by The Orangutan Project (TOP) Board, ITP was formed to conserve the entire ecosystem of tigers in a holistic manner. To promote the survival of tigers in their natural habitat by undertaking genuine, measurable and effective tiger conservation.


Our major strategy is to monitor tigers with camera traps. We then have our Wildlife Protection Units patrol and work with local communities to see that both tigers and humans remain safe and live in harmony. Saving the rainforest is the single most cost-effective way to save our planet. Protecting the rainforest means protecting the lifeblood of our earth, and our vital stores of carbon.

Tiger Swimming
Tiger Yawn

The tiger’s rainforest habitat is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Much of the forest that remains is degraded by drought, forest fires and illegal logging. Tragically, extinction in the wild for the Sumatran tiger is likely if we do not take immediate action.

What can you do to help?
Buy art here on the ENDANGERED site,
knowing 70% of your purchase goes directly to International Tiger Project and Sumatran Tigers.

Visit to donate and/or adopt a tiger.

Tiger and Cub

When you adopt Langka, Birani or Cinta you’re making a symbolic but incredibly powerful gesture to protect the rainforest their descendants now rely on for survival. By adopting one tiger, you’re helping to safeguard this small but critical population of wild Sumatran tigers and you are actively protecting their habitat against poachers, logging and illegal encroachment.

Tiger Bamboo

Your adoption will start working immediately, supporting vigilant Wildlife Protection Units to patrol this protected habitat day and night, deterring poachers, untangling snares and providing a watchful presence against illegal logging and land encroachment. Just as important, your protection extends to all native species living in this precious ecosystem, making sure the tigers under your protection have an ongoing source of prey.

Tiger Rescue

We can make a difference.
The survival of this species revolves around the choices we as humans make.

Without our work, even the fastest land mammal cannot outrun extinction.