The Power of Art

Ecosystems are interconnected webs of biodiversity and essential for life. When a species is endangered, the world literally starts to fall apart.

Alarmingly, we are at a crucial point—68% of the planet’s wildlife population has been lost in 50 years. Only 7,100 cheetahs remain in the wild today, fewer than 2,000 Bengal Tigers left in the wild, only 15,000 wild jaguars left, the Lion is regionally extinct in 15 African countries and on and on.

ENDANGERED™ exists to restore the health of our world’s complex, miraculous biodiversity.

“We are facing nothing less than the collapse of the living world… to restore stability to our planet, we must restore biodiversity.”

– David Attenborough, A Life On Our Planet

Our initial goal: $42 million dollars—of which, 70% goes straight to the partner conservation organizations, 10% to the artists and 20% to global awareness & education.

Partner Organizations – 70%
ENDANGERED™ is conducting a series of crowdfunding campaigns to raise $1.6M for each of our initial 18 partner organizations to significantly benefit the cause of biodiversity.

Artists – 10%
ENDANGERED™ is also nurturing a healthy ecosystem as a project with all partners benefiting and we greatly value the artist as well as the art. Still, some have decided to contribute their share as well to partner organizations.

Global Awareness and Education – 20%
To help raise awareness and generate support for biodiversity, ENDANGERED™ produces local and global music, film, and other content to inform, inspire, and engage people in conservation efforts.

Conservation is ultimately a local activity. So for each ENDANGERED campaign, top in-country artists go to connect with the conservation project and then express the experience through a song and music video. A short doc shares their entire journey from traveling to the project through recording the song. All of this content helps generate local support and pride for the animals and projects.

ENDANGERED™ then amplifies each campaign with international celebrity ambassadors, influencers, and other partners. A consistent message throughout all of the campaigns is that biodiversity isn’t just about conserving endangered species, it’s about ensuring healthy ecosystems, and that is the most powerful solution we have in addressing our climate and ecological crisis.

To further raise awareness and promote campaigns, ENDANGERED™ also garners press coverage, conducts music and art contests, hosts events, runs multiple social media channels, and produces a video/podcast series featuring artists, conservationists, and musicians.