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Across multiple languages and platforms, this journalism reaches more than 6 million monthly readers, including key audiences that shape policy and influence global trends supportive of a sustainable future.


Mongabay raises awareness about social and environmental issues relating to tropical forests and other ecosystems, from biodiversity to the important role that natural ecosystems play in maintaining critical services, including stabilizing the global climate system.

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Since Rhett A. Butler founded Mongabay in 1999, it has grown into one of the world’s most popular environmental science and conservation news sites that’s well-known for its impact-driven reporting and analysis. Today, Mongabay draws more than 6 million visitors per month and publishes stories in 11 languages. It is often used as an information source by mainstream media, including The Economist, Bloomberg, National Geographic, and the Associated Press. Mongabay is also widely recognized as an accurate and trust-worthy source by civil society organizations as well as development agencies.

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Mongabay Special Reporting Projects provide opportunities for journalists around the world to report on key conservation issues. These projects spur increased public awareness around a specific environmental topic, in order to create an enabling environment for a broad range of key stake holders working on specific environmen¬tal issues as well as raise key questions among targeted audiences. Quality journalism fuels dialogue between government, NGOs, communities, and lobbying groups as well as concerned citizens in an effort to find solutions to the environmental challenges we face now and, in the years ahead. Independent journalism’s ability to make information accessible to both a global audience and targeted influencers plays a major role in informed decision making and facilitating cooperation.

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These special reporting projects support a large number of journalists to investigate and explore these key questions, allowing those journalists to become issue-area experts in these important areas, which they can take forward in their careers.

We believe in people all over the world having access to our content. Together, with a vast network of volunteer translators, we provide environmental news in over 11 languages.

In 2020, Mongabay experienced strong growth in audience, with readership rising 38% and video viewership climbing 87% over 2019. Importantly, the quality of engagement also increased with aggregate time spent on our platforms increasing 143%.

Mongabay expanded our influence as evidenced by the number of news outlets that sourced information from us as well as instances of governments, international financial institutions, development agencies, and corporations citing our stories or reaching out to us for information. We also established a partnership with NowThis Media, a platform that receives 2.6 billion views a month making it the top mobile news brand in the U.S.

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Despite a freeze on travel implemented in early 2020 resultant of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain our level of content production by leveraging our global network of staff and contributors. Mongabay also expanded its content offerings, launching new video shows including Candid Animal Cam, which showcases animals in their natural habitat; mini documenta¬ries; and explainer videos on key environmental topics. We also started producing new types of data visualizations, launched a second English podcast called “Mongabay Explores” (season 1 on the salamander pandemic, season 2 on Sumatra), and established a Hindi-language bureau to reach the 700 million people who speak the language in India. Mongabay-Indonesia, Mongabay-Latam, and Mongabay-India also established podcasts.

Mongabay received several accolades for our reporting in 2020. These ranged from awards for investigative reporting on threats to environmental defenders in Latin America to pangolin poaching in Asia to alleged corruption in the Indonesian palm oil sector.

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