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A giraffe’s heart is the biggest of any land mammal … and today, we look to yours.

There are only about 111,000 giraffe remaining in all of Africa. Giraffe numbers have declined by almost 30% over the last 3 decades. They have lost almost 90% of their habitat in the last 300 years. To put this into perspective: there is only ONE giraffe for every FOUR elephant in Africa.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is the only organization in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa.

Giraffe Peeking

Giraffes can only be saved in Africa – by African people. Working with local and international partners is key to our work. Currently, GCF works on, manages and supports giraffe conservation initiatives that concern all four species of giraffe in 16 African countries.

Giraffe Sighting
Giraffe Student

Our work has an impact on over 171,000 sqkm (42 million acres) of giraffe habitat and by supporting numerous successful translocations of giraffe back into their historical range, which has effectively increased giraffe habitat in Africa by over 21,000 sqkm (5.1 million acres) so far.

Operation Twiga

As a science-based organization, our programmes and initiatives throughout Africa aim to provide innovative and adaptive approaches to giraffe conservation management while working with a wide range of partners on the ground and internationally to secure a future for all giraffe populations in the wild. Key to the long-term success of giraffe conservation is supporting and investing in people and communities who share their living space with giraffe.

If we want to save giraffe, we need to act now!

By conserving giraffe, we are not only securing a future for this iconic species, but we are also protecting the land on which they live for generations to come – and the knock-on effect for other species is boundless.

Giraffe Baby

Our conservation actions encourage new levels of collaboration, partnerships and networking among and between governments, local and international organizations, conservationists and donors alike and include efforts to increase giraffe range, reduce human-giraffe conflict, enhance law enforcement, medical intervention for desnaring, develop national/regional giraffe conservation strategies and action plans, enhance local capacity, inspire African children to conserve their environment, campaigns to increase education and raise awareness and strategies to secure habitat giraffe need to roam freely.

The Twiga Tracker initiative is the largest GPS satellite tracking study ever undertaken on giraffe. To conserve giraffe and diverse ecosystems they inhabit, we need to better understand where giraffe move, how much space they need, and how they utilize their habitats across a range of different environments. For this ambitious study, GCF has partnered with leading research institutions like the Smithsonian Conservation Biology institute and others to develop rigorous scientific studies to answer these important questions.

Thomas Rabeill

From the hyper-arid deserts of northwestern Namibia to the mesic savannahs of western Uganda to the semi-arid scrub of northern Kenya and the Sahelian savannahs of Niger, this ambitious continental scale programme joins partners from across the globe to better understand giraffe movements throughout their range. By understanding giraffe spatial ecology across Africa, GCF is developing innovative conservation strategies for protecting giraffe and their habitats.

Giraffe Herd

What can you do to help?

Buy art here on the ENDANGERED site, knowing 70% of your purchase goes directly to Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). Visit to donate and learn more about our programmes and initiatives.

Together we can make a difference for giraffes, by standing tall for these iconic animals.

Without our work, even the fastest land mammal cannot outrun extinction.